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The Basis for Smart Traffic

Good traffic management is essential for road safety. Together with handling heavy traffic flows and meeting sustainability targets, cyber security is crucial. The FlowNode is the next generation in Traffic Light Controller, a system built on a tradition of innovation, safety, usability and robustness. As the successor for the EuroController EC-2, the FlowNode is also developed for the European market and complies with all Dutch and European directives.

Next-generation Traffic Light Controller

The FlowNode was designed to anticipate future requirements for cyber security, flexibility and open standards. This design and its compliance with the market’s toughest requirements for traffic safety and durability mean that the FlowNode can be used in a range of situations, both within Europe and around the globe.

Effective functionalities

As a Traffic Light Controller, the FlowNode supports safe and efficient management of traffic flows at intersections. On motorways, the FlowNode can serve as a ramp meter to regulate traffic flows. It can also be used to operate automatic rising barriers in order to divert traffic from urban centres. In tunnels, the FlowNode can act as an incident detection system as well as a shutdown system in unsafe situations. The system can furthermore signal and measure developing traffic jams to prevent accidents on secondary roads. Finally, by measuring traffic activity 24/7, the FlowNode provides valuable real-time traffic data as well.

Basis for intelligent management

Its distributed design makes the FlowNode more flexible and easier to upgrade than its predecessors. Comfortably keeping pace with technological advances, the system continually provides optimum support for the quality and liveability of urban settings. The FlowNode is secure by design and engineered to meet the latest security standards. Equipped with security such as a firewall, encryption and two-factor authorisation, the FlowNode can be deployed in networks that require stringent cybersecurity requirements. The FlowNode supports all standards for intelligent Traffic Light Controller and offers a seamless basis for secure traffic management, traffic data logging and C-ITS applications. Its powerful CPU platform ensures that C-ITS applications such as ImFlow with connected and/or cooperative functionality are fully integrated.

The FlowNode is designed for usability, durability and robustness. Its personalised web interface enables customised maintenance. Through outstanding reliability, availability and durability, the FlowNode by Dynniq is the foundation where safety and cooperative functionality come together. This next-generation Traffic Light Controller is supplied by Dynniq in full working order. We also offer a wide range of functional and technical management as well as maintenance options.

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